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Saturday, February 17  

Town of Superior
Department of Parks, Recreation and Open Space
2006 RULES

Managers are responsible for informing all players of the rules and regulations and those policies contained in the, "Player Code of Conduct".

  1. Uniforms are not required, but teams SHOULD wear like-colored shirts with numbers on the back. Numbers should not be duplicated.
  2. No steel cleats or hard rubber cleats. It is up to the umpires' discretion as to whether shoes are acceptable. We recommend turf shoes.
  1. FORFEIT TIME IS GAME TIME. A 10-minute grace period is allowed for teams with less than 7 players. ** Even under this situation, the 55 minute time limit will begin at the scheduled game time**. If the minimum number of 7 players is in attendance, then the game must start immediately. If the 7 players are not in attendance by the end of the 10 minute grace period on the field, not in the parking lot, a forfeit is called. Subs may used from other teams at any time so long as the opposing team is not opposed!!
  2. A written line-up must be provided, by each team manger or representative to the scorekeeper, at least 10 minutes prior to game start time.
  3. Males and females must kick in alternating order.
  4. All team players present must kick; in order of the written line-up.
  5. A game is seven (7) innings or a time limit of 55 minutes. Games may end in ties.
  6. A game that is called by the referee, or staff, after Five (5) full innings of play due to weather or time limit, shall be considered a regulation game. The winner will be the team that had the most runs scored by the last full inning of play. A regulation game that is called by an official, or staff, that ends in a tie, in the full inning of play, will be marked as a tie. NO NEW INNINGS WILL BEGIN AFTER 55 MINUTES.
  7. A game that is called off by the referee, or staff, before five (5) full innings of play due to weather, shall be rescheduled and played again. The rescheduled game will start from the beginning.
  1. Rosters are unlimited.
  2. A maximum of 11 players can be on the field for the fielding team, with a minimum of 7 players. A catcher is not necessary for teams with less than 9 players.
  3. Teams must have a minimum of 4 players of each sex. If a team does not have four females/males for a particular game, a "ghost" player shall be written into the kicking order and represent an automatic out for each female/male under the minimum.
  4. A team having 11 players that is missing a required male/female player must play short on the field by the number of missing players male or female. You must have at least two players of each gender or forfeit completely (unless the opposing team captain allows for subs).
  5. Defensively, any combination of males or females may play infield or outfield. Pitchers and catchers may also be of the same gender.
  6. Kicking order must alternate female-male or male-female until you run out of males or females.
  1. The official kickball is an 8.5" red rubber playground ball.
  2. A legal pitch must be underhand and no higher than knee level of the batter (sidearm or overhand is not allowed). Anything a foot or higher over the plate is a ball. Whether a pitch is a ball or strike based on bounciness should be based on the height of the last bounce before is crosses home plate.
  3. Pitches from male to female player should be thrown at a reasonable rate in the context of good sportsmanship. Pitches exceeding a reasonable roll rate to female players will be deemed a ball.
  4. A pitched ball that bounces is considered a "bouncy" and is not permitted. A pitched ball that passes home plate higher than a foot in the air will be considered a "ball".
  5. The pitcher must pitch from the back rubber (running up to the rubber is not allowed). Once the ball is pitched the pitcher may advance no further than the first rubber (or 6 feet from the rubber). Lateral movement is allowed.
  6. The catcher must give the kicker ample room to kick. The catcher may not break the plane of the front of home plate until the ball is kicked and may not interfere with the kicker. An infraction will result in a called "ball". If the ball is kicked, the result does not count.
  7. Float versus no float rule: For female kickers, fielders may not encroach past the 1st to 2nd and 2nd to 3rd basepaths until the ball is kicked (no float). For male kickers, fielders may encroach up to the boundary of the Forbidden Zone, defined as the midpoint from home to 1st and 3rd baselines (to marked with cones) and said midpoints to the pitchers mound. The pitcher may still advance to the first pitching rubber or 6 feet as previously discussed. Encroachment in the Forbidden Zone (or past the baseline restriction for female kickers) results in a no play with called ball.
  8. A strike consists of a ball that is rolled over any part of home plate and below knee level. Any ball that is kicked into foul territory shall be considered a strike. Two strikes of any kind will result in an out.
  9. A "ball" shall be called on anything that does not pass home plate. Three called "balls" shall result in the kicker being advanced on to first base.
  10. The kicking team has three outs per inning. An out results due to the following:
    1. A ball caught on the fly
    2. Base runner is forced out
    3. Base runner is hit with ball while not on base (if runner hit with ball before run scores in third out situations, run does not score. Runners do not score if last out is via force out).
    4. See ghost rule above.
  11. As even the most innocent looking pop ups are potential hits in kickball, there is no infield fly rule. Due to some abuses in the past, there will be a "No Cheese" rule for situations where a fielder is judged to have intentionally allowed the ball to drop to turn a double play. For example, team A has a runner on first. The kicker from team A kicks the ball in the air to the first baseperson on team B. The runner on team A stays on first, while the kicker runs to first. The first baseperson intentionally (and these are generally obvious) muffs the pop fly, tags the waiting runner and tags the base. As this is contrary to fair sportsmanship the Town of Superior promotes, the tactic will be deemed Cheesy and runner and kicker are both safe.
  12. A foul ball that is caught counts as an out, but is a dead play, meaning runners may not advance. If a ball is touched in fair territory, it is fair, regardless of other factors i.e. foot placement of the fielder. A foul ball is defined as a ball that settles or is touched on or over foul territory between home and first base or between home and third base.
  13. One base on an overthrow. An overthrow constitutes a ball that is thrown or kicked out of play from within the infield to the intended base or target (past the benchline or fence based on the field). Anything thrown or kicked from the outfield is a live ball. If a player is past ½ way to the next base, they are awarded the base they are on the way to plus one the overthrow. A ball thrown past the base that remains in the set boundaries remains a live ball and runners may advance at their own risk.
  14. Teams may only rotate in a new catcher once per inning. Once that catcher switches with the initial catcher, he/she must remain there for the remainder of the inning and cannot switch back.
  1. Runners must stay in the baseline and fielders must stay out of the baseline. Fielders attempting to make a play may place their foot on the bag, but must lean their body out of the base line. Any runner hindered by any fielder in the base line shall be awarded the base to which they were running toward. A double safety first base is used in our league. Runners use the orange side (right) and fielders use the white side (left). If a defensive player is making a play at the base, the runner must go to the orange side of the base or be called, "out". The fielder must remain on the white side of the base or the runner is declared, "safe".
  2. The kicker may not kick the ball until the ball crosses home plate. Kicking the ball before the plate is a strike.
  3. Bunting is allowed. Manbunting may not be executed by a team that is up by 10 or more runs.
  4. Leading off and stealing are not allowed. Leading off/leaving early will result in a do-over.
  5. Sliding is legal. Please do so with caution (keeping fielders and yourself in mind).
  6. After the catch on a fly ball that is caught, the runner(s) must tag up before advancing to the next base. Failure to tag up before advancing results in an out if the runner is tagged or the ball is thrown to the previous base. Fielders who intentionally bobble the ball to keep the runner(s) on base by not catching the ball will be penalized with a "no cheese" penalty and the kicker and baserunner(s) will both be safe at the respective next base.
  7. Hitting the base runner above the shoulder level with a ball, when attempting to put the runner out, is not permitted. Any runner hit above the shoulders is safe and will advance one (1) base more than the base he/she would have held before he/she was hit. If a runner intentionally uses his/her head to block a ball, and the infraction is called by the referee, the runner is out.
  8. All ties go to the runner. A runner may overrun first base as long as it is not in a forward motion to the second base line.
  9. If a ball hits a kicker in fair territory after being struck the kicker is out. Intentionally kicking the ball out of play by the kicker then results in a dead ball.
  10. Runs crossing the home plate before a third out made on a force out do not count. Runs that cross before a tag out on a player (third out) do not count.
  11. ***HOME PLATE RULE*** - All plays at home plate will be played as a force out. The runner coming home must NOT step on home plate. An out will be recorded if a runner steps on the plate and play continues until the referee calls the play dead. The runner must cross a line (break the plane) which runs perpendicular to the 3rd base line, extending from home plate to the backstop. The defensive player must have possession of the ball and be touching home plate for that runner to be declared, "out". If any defensive player attempts to tag the runner coming home it will result in the runner being declared, "safe". A runner coming home from 3rd base may not return to 3rd once he/she has crossed that line or an, "out", will be declared (play continues until the referee calls the play dead).
  1. The strike zone extends to one (1) foot either side of home plate and one (1) foot high. Home plate is the designator of "ball" and "strike". This means the ball or strike will be determined by the ball when it crossed/passed-by home plate.
  2. A count of two (2) strikes is an out.
  3. A strike is:
    1. A pitch within the strike zone that is not kicked.
    2. A missed attempt to kick the ball.
  1. A count of three (3) balls advances the kicker to first base.
  2. A ball is:
    1. A pitch thrown outside the strike zone.
    2. An illegal bouncy.
    3. Any fielder or pitcher advancing on home plate before the ball is kicked (see PITCHING/CATCHING "7").
    4. Catcher crossing home plate before the kicker or failing to field behind the kicker (see PITCHING/CATCHING "6").
  1. A count of two (2) is an out.
  2. A foul is:
    1. A kick landing out of the first and third base lines (also extending to the outfield).
    2. A kick landing inside the first and third base lines but then travels out of bounds before reaching first or third base with being touched by a defensive player (any ball touched by in-bounds fielder is automatically fair and considered in play).
    3. A ball that is kicked in front of home plate.
  1. A count of three (3) outs by a team completes the team's half of the inning.
  2. An out is:
    1. A count of two (2) strikes or three (3) fouls.
    2. A runner touched by a ball ANY time while not on a base.
    3. Any kicked ball, fair or foul, that is caught in the air.
    4. A ball tag on a base to which a runner is forced to run.
    5. A runner off his/her base when the ball is kicked.
  1. The play ends once the pitcher had the ball and is on the back rubber.
  2. If a runner intentionally touches or stops the ball, the play ends.
  1. Teams may opt to submit if down 15 runs or more.
  1. Courtesy Runner – If a player has a minor injury or a physical disability, and is capable of playing but has difficulty running the bases, a courtesy runner, may be used, if the runner reaches a base safely. The player making the last out prior to the replacement will be the courtesy runner. Female is replaced by a female and male by a male. If is up to the referee discretion as to whether a courtesy runner is warranted.
  2. Re-entry Rule – A starting player may be withdrawn from the game and re-enter once. When he/she does re-enter the game, it must be in the identical kicking position that he/she held in the original line-up. The player replaced on the re-entry is now finished for the game and cannot replace any other player.
  1. Rosters must be filled out completely before the start of the season. It must be complete with names, addresses and phone numbers of all players.
  2. Teams are allowed an unlimited number of players on the roster.
  3. No player may be listed on more than one team's roster in the league.
  4. *** All players must be added to the roster prior to the last regular season game in order to participate in post-season play. No player may be added after the last regular season game***.
  5. Player Adds – A player add form must be filled out, in person or over the phone at the Parks, Recreation and Open Space office prior to play. No adds will be taken at the field. The office is open Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm and Saturday 9am to 2pm.
  6. Any team using an illegal player(s) will forfeit that game. Teams may borrow a player(s) from any other team if the opposing team manager allows it. If there is a question about a player's eligibility, he/she must provide adequate picture identification before the game continues (the game time will remain running during the player(s) check). ***If a team is questioning the eligibility of a player on another team, it must be brought to the attention of the referee and scorekeeper, prior to the last out of the game and within the time limit of the game! The field staff will have final authority in the decision of the eligibility of a player.
  7. A waiver form must be filled out by all rostered players before a player may participate.
  1. Summer/Fall League – Will be run on a single division system with only the top four teams advancing to the playoffs.
  2. The format for playoffs will be as follows:
      1st seed vs 4th seed
      2nd seed vs 3rd seed
      Winners play for the championship
  3. Team trophies will be awarded to the 1st and 2nd place playoff winners and individual awards to the 1st place Regular Season winners (1st seeded team).
TIE BREAKERS – If two or more teams have tied with identical records at the end of regular league play, the following method shall be used to determine seeding positions for the playoffs.
  1. Forfeits – A forfeit will automatically drop a team to the next lower position.
  2. Head to Head – Consists of the winner of the games between the two teams when they played each other.
  3. Run Spread – Differential of runs scored when the two teams played each other.
  4. Run Spread in all Games – Run differential in all games played.
  5. Coin Flip – If none of the above conditions break the tie then a coin flip is required.
  6. Three or more teams tied – Go through the same sequence as above using the results of all teams tied. NOTE: When three teams are tied, head to head only works when one team has beaten all others tied.
  1. All protests must be in writing, legal in nature, and submitted to the League Supervisor with 24 hours after the completion of the game being protested. Protest fee will be $20.00. If the protest is granted, the fee will be returned. Protests will not be received or considered if they are based solely on a decision involving the accuracy or judgment on the part of the official.
  2. Any team forfeiting their second game will be required to pay a reinstatement fee of $15.00, to the Town of Superior at least 24 hours prior to your next game. Any team forfeiting 3 games during the season, whether consecutive or not, shall be ineligible to continue in league play.
Any or all situations not covered specifically in the league rules shall be acted on by the League Supervisor. All such actins shall be the basis for similar situations and such rulings shall be final and become part of the league rules.

Player of team action not covered by the above rules shall be covered by the Town of Superior Department of Parks, Recreation and Open Space, "Player Code of Conduct". It will be enforced by the League Supervisor.

  1. Call the Bad Weather Hotline at 702 304-3707 after 4pm or the Recreation office at 303 554-9005 for rainout information.
  2. Managers will be called as soon as a decision on playing conditions is made. Then it is the Manager's responsibility to call all of their players.
We have found that there is no good time to make up games but we will follow this procedure.
  1. Make up games the same night on a different week by filling open time slots OR
  2. Make up games the same night on a different week and add a week to the season by extending it OR
  3. playing on a different week if an opening occurs OR
  4. Playing on a weekend.
  5. NOTE: We cannot guarantee all games will be played on that night you register for. We cannot guarantee that you will not be required to play on weekends!
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at the park, in the stands or in the parking lot as specified by the Town of Superior Ordinance. Players or teams that drink alcoholic beverages will be dismissed from further league play!

This is our first year of hosting this sport, so naturally there are bugs to be worked out. If anyone has ideas on making the program more functional and or enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to bring your ideas to my attention – Bob Schmitz at 303 554-9005 or bobs@townofsuperior.com.

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