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Saturday, February 17  

Denver Jewish Basketball - League Rules

  1. There will be two 2 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime.
  2. The clock will not stop until the last two minutes of the 2nd half. At that time, it will only stop if the game has a 10 point difference or less.
  1. There are unlimited substitutions. Substitutions can happen only on a dead ball when the ball is out of bounds. They cannot happen after a made basket.
  2. To make a substitution, the guys on the sidelines must notify the reps before the dead ball occurs.
  1. The JCC is providing mesh tank tops that fit over a t-shirt. The tank tops are reversible with blue on one side and yellow on the other side. The home team (the one listed second on schedule) chooses their color.
  1. Either today or tomorrow the schedules and rules will be posted on a website for everyone to see (I am setting it up today).
  2. If the weather is bad, please check the website to see if the games are still on.
  1. Every team will make the playoffs.
  2. The 8th and 9th seed will have a play in game at 6:30 on the night of the first game and then the winner will play the number 1 seed at 8:30 that same night.
  3. The playoffs are single elimination.
  4. For players to be eligible for the playoffs, they must actively play in 4 games during the regular season.
  5. Playoff tie-breakers are as follows:
    • Head to head
    • In case of a 3 way time (A beats B, B beats C, and C beats A) then the seedings will be based on the number of wins of the teams that each team beat. (i.e. if the teams that A beat had 20 other wins, but the teams that B beat had 21, B would be a better seed)
    • Coin toss
  1. There will be two refs for every game.
  1. Each player is allowed 5 fouls per game before fouling out
  2. After 5 team fouls per half, the opponents shoots 1 and 1.
  3. After 7 team fouls per half, the opponent shoots two shots.
  1. Baskets are worth 2 and 3 points
  2. There are no mercy rules
  1. The cost per team is $370 per team
  2. Payment is due on November 13th in one check made out to the JCC. If payment is not made by then, all wins before and until payment is made will be forfeited.

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