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Saturday, March 24  

City of Lakewood, CO Parks and Recreation Adult Power Volleyball Rules and Regulations

  1. On scheduled league nights, participating individuals and spectators are not required to pay the facility usage fee. However, if you wish to participate in any other activity, i.e. basketball, you must pay.

  2. Facilities prohibit both smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages while in the facility. Please abide by these regulations.


  4. Shower facilities are provided for participants. If you wish to shower, please do so by 9:45 p.m., NO LATER.

  5. Elasticity - League Coordinator enforcement procedures which are not stated herein may be provided by the director as is necessary, to provide for the recreational enjoyment of players, coaches, and spectators.

  6. Warm-ups - In most instances, areas off the court are provided for warm-ups. While warming up, please refrain from rebounding the ball against the wall. On court warm-ups -- if time allows each team will receive 5 minutes on court warm-ups.

  7. FORFEITS: Teams may begin with 5 players and end with five players. Teams may add the sixth player to the lineup when they show up. Referee will keep serving rotation in order; when the sixth player is due to serve, a side-out will be awarded to opposing team.

  8. During the course of the match, should an injury or an emergency deplete a participating team to less the 5 players, the subject team will be allowed to continue and the result will not be a forfeit.

  9. Any team not having two or more players ready to officiate when scheduled will receive one extra loss.

  10. FORFEIT RULE: If the team is going to have to forfeit, they must call at least 6 hours prior to their scheduled game time or their game will be considered an unexcused forfeit. Two or more unexcused forfeitures will result in the offending team being dropped from the league and a $25.00 fee assessed.

  11. Any substitute player added prior to the start of a game must remain in the court until replaced, injured or the game is completed.

  12. Team rosters are due in the CWRC office before the start of league play. Team rosters must be kept up-to-date. Any player participating in a game must be on your roster. New players can be added to your roster by coming to the Charles Whitlock Recreation Center in person and filling out a player add form prior to the start of the game. The player must be paid for at that time.. Teams using ineligible players will automatically forfeit all games in which said player participated. Team rosters are frozen two weeks prior to the completion of league play. (Player fees must be paid prior to league game that the player participates in.) Once League play has begun the player(s) fees are frozen and are not transferable.

  13. PROTESTS: The protest and Advisory Committee will be comprised of the game official, the Volleyball Coordinator and Athletic Coordinator. They will meet when necessary to handle protests, grievances, and player eligibility. Their decisions will be final. Protests must be in writing within 24 hours from termination of the game with the Lakewood Community Resources Department. A $50 protest fee must accompany all protests. No protest will be considered unless you follow said rules.

  14. UNIFORMS: All teams in the league must have matching colored jerseys. Penalty - players not wearing matching or same colored jersey, team will start game with red card.

  15. Team will provide own volleyballs for warm-ups.

  16. The Sports & Athletics Department will provide game balls.

  17. Players must be in proper uniform and must wear tennis shoes while participating in league games.

  18. Your Volleyball Coordinator will notify each team captain as to the dates and times of rescheduled games in writing. Make-up may be scheduled on weekends or weekdays indifferent to regular day of play.

  19. In case of doubt of playing conditions, call 303-987-4800. Managers will be called ONLY if the games are canceled. Then it is the Manager (s) responsibility to contact the team members.

  20. Team awards will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places.

  21. Individuals will be awarded to the 1st place team only. Maximum of ten (10) players on roster.

  22. Finishes first through third place will be determined by the following formula:
    1. Best won/lost record.
    2. Should there be a tie, head to head competition will determine finishes.
    3. Should there still be a tie, finishes will be determined by point's differential.

  23. In case of a dispute the official is instructed to talk to team captains only. All others will return to their playing positions or the player's bench. Anyone violating this regulation shall be removed from the game. Prolonged arguments will not be allowed. Officials are instructed to notify managers that they have the right to file a protest, and then the game shall proceed. Protests are to be written and turned into the Volleyball Official within 24 hours. When the situation demands, the advisory committee will meet and determine action to be taken. Absolutely no action can or will be taken involving a personal judgment call of an official. (Protest fee - $50)

  24. Any player ordered out of the game by an official, for any reason, shall leave the court immediately. He may remain in the stands and be SILENT. Any outbursts, heckling, or threats will call for action by the Volleyball Coordinator.

  25. Any player playing under an assumed name shall be suspended from league play. Team said player is playing with shall forfeit all games player participated in.

  26. Continuous unsportsmanlike conduct and non-adherence to the player's code of conduct may result in team or individual's suspension or withdrawal from the league.


  27. It is the policy of the City of Lakewood Department of Community Resources not to allow unattended infants/children in Recreation Center(s).

  28. Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to discontinue the practice by participating parents of bringing infants/children into the Recreation Center (s) to run free and unsupervised.

  29. The parents will be warned once about unattended infants/children. If they are asked again, they will be asked not to bring their children back again.
  1. Ball in Play: The ball is in play from the instant it is contacted when hit for the serve until the official suspends play for any reason.

  2. Blocking: Blocking is an attempt to intercept a ball returning over the net or preventing it from doing so. The blockers may reach over the net.

  3. Contacted Ball: A contacted ball is one that touches or is touched by any part of a player's body or clothing.

  4. Court: A court is the playing surface divided by a net into two equal parts.

  5. Double Hit: Double hits are only allowed on the first contact over the net, unless hand setting the ball.

  6. Hit Ball: The ball must be clearly hit. When, in the opinion of the proper official, the ball visibly comes to rest at contact, the player shall have committed a foul.

  7. Line: For the purpose of determining fouls, a line includes its unlimited assumed extensions.

  8. Out of Bounds: The ball is out of bounds when it touches any surface or object or ground outside the court, or touches the net outside the markers on the sides of the net. If the ball is caught or is contacted by a player before landing out of bounds, it is not out of bounds.

  9. Play Over: A play over is the act of putting the ball in play again without awarding point or side-out.

  10. Simultaneous: Simultaneous contacts are made at the same instant, and count as two hits.
  1. Number of Players: Teams entered in a league or match shall be composed of six players. (Squad entry may be unlimited.)

  2. Entering the Court: Substitutes, coaches, managers, and other team representatives shall not enter the court while the ball is in play. Local facilities permitting, the team bench shall be located on the side of the respective playing areas opposite the referee; substitutes shall remain in the vicinity of the bench unless warming up preparatory to entering the game. Facilities not permitting this, the league coordinator shall designate a suitable bench location.

  3. Failing to Play: When a team refuses to play after the referee has called for the game to start, the game shall be forfeited. After 15 minutes, the next game of the match shall be called.
  1. For First Game Toss Coin: For the first game of a match, one of the captains of the two teams shall call the toss of a coin. The winner takes the serve or choice of playing areas. The loser receives the serve or choice of playing areas as the case may be.

  2. For Subsequent Games: Teams shall change playing areas at the end of each game of the same match.

  3. For the Third Game: Coin toss is repeated.
  1. Beginning of Game Line-Up: At the beginning of a game players shall start their respective positions according to the serving order given to the official. The line-up may be changed for each new game.

  2. Server: The server shall serve from any point behind the back line. Provided that the server is between the sidelines.

  3. After Ball Served: After the ball is contacted when hit for serve, the players may move from their respective positions.

  4. Screening: At the moment of the service it is illegal for players of the servicing team to place their arms for the purpose of forming a screen with which to mask the server's action, or to jump, or form groups of two or more players for such purpose.

  5. Back Line Player: A back line player forward of the 10 foot line, returning the ball across the net, must contact the ball from below the level of the top of the net. However, should he be behind the 10-foot line or his takeoff to jump be from clearly behind this line, the restriction would not apply.

  6. Substitution Position: Any substitute shall take the position of the player whom he is replacing. No change shall be made in the relative positions of the other players when a substitution is made. After a player has re-entered the game, he shall be in his original position in relation to his teammates.

  7. Only Front Line Blocking May Block: Blocking is permitted by any or all the players of the front line only. Any player is considered as having the intention of effecting a block if he (she) places one or both hands above his head while in a position close to the net in an effort to intercept the ball, except in coed.

  8. Contacting Net: It will now be legal for a player to make “incidental contact” with the net provided that they are not involved with the playing of the ball. If a player is blocking, spiking, setting or digging, they are involved with the play of the ball and net contacts will likely be considered violations by the official.

  9. Reaching Over Net: In returning the ball, a player may follow through over the net, providing he first contacts the ball on his side of the net. Player(s) in the act of blocking may reach across the net but may not contact the ball there until opponent has hit the ball to return it.

  10. Crossing Center Line: A player may touch the center line (on or above contact with same) and the floor on the other side of the center line while the ball is in play. Any part of a player's body may be in the air below the net and beyond the centerline if he does not interfere with the opponents' play by touching the ball or an opponent. A player may reach under the net to retrieve a ball that is in play by his team.

  11. Recovering Ball From Net: A ball may be played from the net.

  12. Ball Contacting and Crossing the Net: A ball (other the when served) may touch the net within or on the sideline markers when crossing it to enter the opponents' area.

  13. Ball Considered Crossing Net: When only part of a ball crosses the net and is then contacted by an opponent, it is considered as having crossed the net. Any ball blocked across the net may be considered as having legally crossed the net.

  14. Successive Contacts: A player shall not make successive contacts of the ball EXCEPT after a block.

  15. Successive Contracts: When a player participates in blocking and makes only one attempt to play the ball, he by Blocker's: may make successive contacts of the ball during such play, even though it was not a hard driven spiked ball. Player(s) participating in this play may participate in the next play, however, this second hit shall count as the first of three hits allowed the team.

  16. Simultaneous Contacts: If two opponents simultaneously hit the ball above the net, the player behind the direction of the ball is considered as having touched it last; the team upon whose side of the net the ball falls is allowed three plays of the ball. If, after the simultaneous touch by two opponents, ball falls and touches within the limits of the court, the team on that court is at fault; should the ball fall outside the court, the other team is at fault. If two opposing players simultaneously hold the ball, it is a double fault and play is over.

  17. Touching the Ceiling: It will now be legal to play the ball after it has touched the ceiling and comes back down on the team's own side of the court provided that they still have one of their three contacts remaining.

  18. Outside of Court: A player may go outside the court while the ball is in play. He may cross the assumed extension of the centerline, but may not play the ball while across it.

  19. Back Line Player: A back line player forward of the 10 foot line, returning the ball across the net, must contact the ball from below the level of the net. However, should he be behind the 10-foot line or his takeoff to jump be from clearly behind this line, the restriction would not apply.

  20. Playing the Ball: It will now be legal to contact the ball with any part of the body, including the foot.

  21. Finishing Game: A game shall be won by the team that has scored the most points and is at least 2 points ahead, unless the score is tied at 25, the next point wins.

  22. Between Games (2 minutes): The rest period between games of a match shall be 2 minutes

  23. Teams Time Out (30 seconds): Time out shall not exceed 30 seconds. However, the team times out may be taken consecutively without any play between them. While the ball is dead, the playing captain or coach may make a request for the time out to the referee or umpire; however, requests time out shall not be honored after the referee has blown his whistle indicating readiness to play.

  24. For Injury: Should an injury occur, the ball should be in play until the referee sounds the whistle and the play has ended. If, in the referee's or umpire's judgment a serious injury has occurred, he may find it advisable to stop the play before it has ended and direct a play over. A player not ready to play when the whistle for readiness to play is blown must be substituted for without undue delay.

  25. For Substitution: If the substitute is not immediately ready to play when request for substitute is made, then his/her team shall be charged time out. His/her team may then use this time out.
  1. Unsportsmanlike When an opponent is about to play or in the act of playing the ball, players shall not stamp their feet or shout at him.

  2. Derogatory Remarks The referee shall have the power to WARN, DECLARE SIDE OUT OR POINT (Red Card), or DISQUALIFY (Red Card and Yellow Card) for the game or match, any player, substitute, coach or manager who commits, in the referee's opinion, any of the following gross violations of sportsmanship:
    1. Persistently addresses the officials in regard to decisions.
    2. Makes derogatory remarks about or to the officials.
    3. Commits act derogatory to the officials or tending to influence their decisions or to deceive them.
    4. Makes personal and derogatory remarks about or to opponents. Maximum number of warning cards allowable is one card per color, per player, per game..

  3. Entering the Court: Substitutes, coaches, managers, and other team representatives shall not enter the court while the ball is in play.
  1. Point: A point shall be scored for the serving team when their opponents commit a foul.

  2. Points: Always play to 21-rally scoring. If time permits games can go to 25-rally scoring.

  3. Side-Out: Side-out shall be declared and the ball given to opponents to serve when serving team commits a foul. Points are not scored on side-out.

  4. A Game: A game shall be won by the team that has scored the most points and is at least 2 points ahead, etc. The referee should not announce game point.
  1. These rules, in the handout for leagues inclusive, shall govern play for females and males on the same team with the following exceptions: a) serving order and position on the court shall be alternation or male and female; b) when the ball is played more than once by a team, one of these hits must be by a female; c) one back court player may also block when there is only one male player in front court.

  2. FOUR PERSON LEAGUES: Must have four players present to start, two males and two females. Fifteen minutes will be given before forfeiting second and third games. Serving player is considered the back-row player. All other rules for 6-person leagues stated above, apply.
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