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Saturday, February 17  

City of Lakewood, CO Parks and Recreation Adult Dodgeball Rules and Regulations



All team rosters will be frozen second week prior to the completion of League play and will remain frozen through the end of the season, including any end of season league tournament. It is the team manager's responsibility to turn in and keep up-to-date his team's roster. Teams not turning in rosters will not be allowed to play. Before the players' add/drop deadline, new players may be added by coming to CWRC. Players can be added up to game time. No phone in roster additions will be accepted.

Rule 1 - Team

Teams are Coed Recreation.

To begin game teams need to have eight (8) players, six (6) men and two (2) women. However teams can play with five (5) men, and three (3) women. Teams may also play four (4) men, and four (4) women. Teams can never play more than six (6) men at any time during the game.

Teams must have at least four players on court to begin, and may not exceed eight at any time throughout play.

Any player or manager who harasses the officials, City of Lakewood representative, or other player/players with verbal or physical abuse will be ejected from the game, and will sit out the next scheduled league game/match. He/she may sit in the stand ONLY as long as he/she remains silent. IF A PLAYER CONTINUES TO HARASS AN OFFICIAL, CITY OF LAKEWOOD REPRESENTATIVE, OR OTHER PLAYER/ PLAYERS, THE GAME WILL BE A FORFEIT. Any harassment of officials, City of Lakewood representative, or other player after the ball games, will terminate the team's play for the remainder of the season.

Rule 2 - Playing Area and Markings

The game will be played in the gym using the basketball court markings. The center-line will serve as the boundary between the two teams and the sidelines extended will serve as the out of bounds line.

During the game any player that has a ball must stay in front of the last white line on the basketball court, which is the back line of the volleyball court. Players that do not have a ball can stand anywhere on the court as along as they are in bounds.

Rule 3 - Boundaries

During play, all players must remain within the boundary lines.

Players may leave the boundary lines to retrieve stray balls.
A stray ball is one that has not been picked up and is lying on the ground.

If retrieving a ball, a player must exit and immediately re-enter as quickly as possible.
NOTE: A player not immediately re-entering the playing in area may be declared OUT.

Players who are out should help put balls back in to play by rolling into play area or quickly handing to a teammate.

A player shall not:
  1. Leave the playing area for any reason other than to retrieve a ball. (example: to avoid being hit by a ball or catching a ball out of bounds.)
  2. Have any part of their body cross the center line and make contact with the ground on their opponent's side of the court.
PENALTY: Player will be declared OUT.

Rule 4 - Equipment

The official ball used in tournament and league play will be a 7” rubber coated foam ball.

The standard number of balls for an 8 on 8 game is ten.

Players must wear proper attire ( tennis shoes, shirt and shorts/pants).

Rule 5 - Game Play

Section 1: The Game
    The object of the game is to eliminate all opposing players by getting them OUT.

    AN OUT is scored by:

    1. Hitting an opposing player with a CLEAN thrown ball below the shoulders.

      NOTE: A player who hits an opposing player above the shoulders is NOT OUT. Neither player shall be eliminated and play continues.

    2. An opposing player stepping out of bounds to avoid being hit.

    3. Catching a CLEAN ball thrown by your opponent. CLEAN (def.): A thrown ball that strikes, or is caught by, an opposing player before contacting the ground, another player or another ball. NOTE: If a ball is caught after a deflection off a ball or player, the thrower
      is NOT OUT. A player hit by a ball that is first deflected off a ball or player is NOT OUT.
      A player who is struck above the shoulders as a result of utilizing their head in a manner to create a defensive advantage is subject to being declared OUT by the referee.

    4. If player makes a basket over the other team, all players from his/her team come back on the floor. If the ball does not reach the basket/net/backboard, & is caught, the thrower is out.

    5. A player may block a thrown ball with a ball being held, provided the held ball is not dropped as a result of the contact with the thrown ball.

        NOTE: If the held ball is dropped as a result of the contact, the player dropping the ball is OUT.

        A ball deflecting off the held ball and striking the holder is no longer a CLEAN ball, player is not out.

    In case of doubt about playing because of weather conditions call 303-987-4800. Managers will be called ONLY if games are canceled. Then, it is the manager (s) responsibility to contact the team members. Make-ups will be scheduled at the completion of League play.
Section 2: Beginning the Game
    1. Prior to the match, all balls are placed on the centerline (5 balls on each side of centerline).
    2. Players take positions along the end line.
    3. Following signal by official (whistle), teams may retrieve balls but must return to the three (3) meter line before throwing at their oppent.
    Rule 6 - Time-outs, Substitutions and Re-entry

    Each team will be allowed one, 30-second time out per game.

    A timeout will be called when the official has recognized the request and signaled for time out by blowing their whistle. (Hint: play until you hear the whistle).

    During the time-out, a team may substitute players into the game. Substitute players are players that have not been in the current game.

    If a time-out is called due to injury, a substitution may be made for the injured player only.

    Re-entry rule: When a player catches a ball directly thrown by a player on the opposite team, any one player from the receiving team's side that had been put OUT may re-enter the game. The player who threw the ball is still OUT. If the team catching the ball has no players OUT, play simply continues with no player re-entering the contest. Teams must try to maintain a gender balance when players are returning to the game i.e. 2 males and 1 female by bringing additional female.

    Rule 7 - Stalling Violation

    A team trailing in numbers of players requires a ball to be at their disposal for the opportunity to eliminate opposing players.

    It is illegal for the leading team to control all for the ball for more than five seconds. If the leading team controls all the balls-meaning, all balls are located on their side of the center line, they must make a legitimate effort to get at least one ball across to the opposing side 3 meter line before a five second violation is called. This may be done by throwing or rolling a ball towards the opponent's side. Only the official may call a five-second violation.

    Penalty for five-second violation:

      First offense - play will be stopped and balls will be divided evenly between teams.

      Second offense - will result in a free throw in which one player is allowed an unobstructed throw at their opponent(s) without risk of being eliminated.

      Third offense - will result in one member of the offending team being declared OUT automatically.

    Rule 8 - Declaring a Winner

    The first team to legally eliminate all opposing players will be declared the game winner.

    Matches will consist of a nine games between the two teams.

    A time limit of four minutes has been established for each game. If neither team has been eliminated at the end of the time limit, the team with the greater number of players will be declared the winner.

    In case of an equal number of players remaining for each team at the expiration of the time limit, a one-minute sudden death overtime period will be played. The first team to eliminate ONE opposing player will be declared the winner.

    Should teams remain tied after the first overtime period, each team will add one player to their side and play another overtime period according to the above rules. Overtime play shall continue until there is a winning team.
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