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Saturday, March 24  

City and County of Broomfield, CO Parks and Recreation Slowpitch Softball Rules

Current A.S.A. Rules will be used for and in conjunction with the following:
  1. Team Rosters
    2. Dual registration is permitted, however; they must not be in the same league. Schedules will not be adjusted in league play, make-ups, or playoffs to accommodate players participating in more than one league.
    3. Teams are allowed roster changes up until their final game. Additions to the roster must be completed prior to the game time at the Recreation Center.
    4. All players must be 16 years of age or graduated from high school.
    5. Players must have a legally accepted picture I.D. (i.e., Driver's License) at the complex for all games. In league play, players who are protested for eligibility must be able to produce a picture I.D. If no proof of picture I.D., the player is ineligible to continue participation in that game. If no proof of picture I.D. is presented to league officials within 24 hours, the game is a forfeit. If a team is reduced to less than eight players because of eligibility, the game is a forfeit.
    6. Wrist bands are not allowed during play and will be considered jewelry.

  2. Game Regulations
    1. Game time is forfeit time.
    2. Game will be considered a complete game and no new inning may start:
      1. At the completion of 7 innings and the game is not tied.
      2. At the completion of 1 hour and the game is not tied.
      3. If the losing team has batted 3 times and is 15 or more runs behind, or has batted 5 times and is 10 or more runs behind, or any inning thereafter.
      C. Teams must have at least eight players to start and/or finish the game. They may finish with less than they started only if it is due to injury (spot will be skipped in the batting order – no out will be recorded). There will be no automatic out recorded for the 9th and 10th batters.
    3. Re-entry rule:
      1. Any starting player may be withdrawn and re-entered twice.
      2. The player re-entering must re-enter in the same batting position s/he held while s/he was in the original line-up.
    4. Double First Base. When the softball is hit in such a manner that there is going to be a play at first base, the batter/runner must run to the orange bag and the defender must use the white bag. If the correct bag is not used, the batter/runner will be called out or if the defender doesn't use the white bag, the batter/runner will be called safe.
    5. Extra Inning Play: All extra inning games and games tied after the time limit will go to one pitch; you either walk, strike out or take the result of the play no exceptions (foul ball is an out). You will also start the first extra inning with the last player who batted in the previous inning on second base with no outs. If, after one full extra-inning, the game is still tied, the last player who batted from the previous inning will start on third base.
    6. Most A.S.A. bats will be legal. Bats must bear an ASA 2000 approved certification mark or 2004 mark and must not be listed on an ASA Non Approved bat list. There are some exceptions to this list. See attached. All single wall bats are still acceptable.
    7. With agreement of the opposing manager, teams may use a courtesy runner. The preceding batter, who is not a base runner, will be the designated runner (or the player scheduled to bat last, if in the first inning with no outs).
    8. No club may have more than one bat person. This person is to be no younger than 10 years, and be competent in the judgment of the umpires and league personnel.
    9. No player or team is to warm up on the skinned area of the infield.
    10. Managers are responsible for keeping the player's bench clear of all persons except players and those who are associated with the team. Umpires are to enforce this rule. Players of other teams shall not be permitted to sit on the bench. Children are permitted in the dugout however they must be supervised and sitting on the bench. This is a safety issue and your cooperation is appreciated. No dogs, smoking or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the dugouts. There may be no more than TWO non-player persons associated with a team on the bench at any time.
    11. Broomfield will NOT use the 2004 stealing rule for men's slowpitch leagues.
    12. Broomfield will NOT use the 2009 one-ball, one-strike count upon entering the batter's box.
  3. Player Ejection and Team Forfeiture
    1. Any player who is ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike conduct is automatically suspended from participation in the next regularly scheduled game.
    2. Any team having 2 or more players ejected from a game will result in a forfeit of that game.
    3. Player or team action not covered by the above rules will be covered by the Broomfield Department of Recreation Services "Player Code of Conduct," and will be enforced by the league supervisor.
    4. If a player is ejected for unsportsmanlike conduct they must be replaced by a legal substitute. If they don't have a legal substitute then the game is a forfeit.
  4. Team Uniform and Player Eligibility
    1. All teams are required to have numbered uniform shirts. This applies to SUMMER leagues ONLY.
      **Enforcement of the jersey rule is made by the opposing manager only to the umpire before said player steps in the batter box for the first time; otherwise, player will be eligible.
    2. No steel cleats will be allowed. Shoes are to be molded soles only; detachable cleats or shoes made of hard plastic or polyurethane are not allowed.
    3. Blood Rule. A player, coach or umpire who is bleeding or who has blood on his/her uniform shall be prohibited from participation further in the game until appropriate treatment can be administered. If said injured person can not cover up injury within 5 minutes that person will have to leave the game.
  5. Additional Player (AP)
    1. A team may insert unlimited AP into their line-up.
    2. The batting order must remain constant; however, any 10 of those batters may take a defensive position.
    3. All batters must be present and on the line-up at the start of the game. If you have a line-up of less than ten (10) players at game time, you may add additional players upon their arrival up to (10), into the game at the bottom of the line-up. Once ten (10) are reached, all additional players must be used as substitutes only. Do not list players on your line-up that are not present.
  6. Home Run Guidelines
    1. The Home Run Hitter Rule applies to each classification no matter what field they are playing on.
      • DC - 2 designated home run hitters.
      • DR - 1 designated home run hitter.
      • D or E - 1 home run per game.
      • Women's - 1 home run per game.
      1. A home run means over the fence.
      2. In all classifications, after the allowed home runs have been hit, any home runs after that will be an automatic out, regardless of strike count.
      3. If the designated home run hitter is walked, the offense MAY NOT designate another home run hitter.
  7. Zero Tolerance Rule: The City and County of Broomfield has adopted a "ZERO TOLERANCE RULE" towards foul language and taunting. Any player using any type of FOUL LANGUAGE or TAUNTING of any kind will be removed from the game without warning.

    A warning will be given to both teams prior to the beginning of the game (in pre-game). This means the umpires will go to both dugouts and give the warnings so all players are aware. After the warning, all instances of FOUL LANGUAGE or TAUNTING heard by an umpire will result in a player ejection. If the ejection results in a team having less than the allotted number of eligible players required to continue the game, then the game will be declared a forfeit.
  8. Alcohol: There is no alcohol allowed in any City and County of Broomfield park. No player, manager, coach, or team representative is allowed to drink alcoholic beverages before or during a game. Violation of this rule will result in that person being unable to participate in the game or ejection from the game.
    The City and County of Broomfield Police Department is enforcing the open container ordinance. No open alcoholic containers at the ballfields or in the parking lot.
    The City and County of Broomfield has an "Open Container" law that states: It is unlawful to have open containers of alcoholic beverages in any City park or ballfield.
    Alcohol Policy: In a continued effort to have participants abide by the City ordinance of "No Open Containers of Alcoholic Beverages: in any City park or facility, the City and County of Broomfield Police will continue to issue citations. The addition of the Skate Park has created an increase presence of youth in the area so additional measures are needed. In cooperation, the City Athletic Division will suspend participants from league play in the following manner:
    First Offense – Two league game suspension and a letter sent to the manager/coach informing the team of the offense and suspension.
    Second Offense – League suspension for one full year from the date of offense and a one game suspension for the entire team. A letter to the team sponsor informing them of the violation and suspension.
  9. Protest shall be received and considered on matters of:
    • Misinterpretation of a playing rule
    • Failure to apply correct rule to a given situation
    • Failure to impose correct penalty for a given situation
    Notification of intent to protest must be made immediately before the next legal or illegal pitch. Upon notification to home plate umpire, umpire shall inform opposing manager and the official scorekeeper. Scorekeeper shall note in scorebook "played under protest" and note the spot where protest was lodged. Immediately after the game, a $50 cash protest fee shall be paid to the field supervisor. Written protest must be turned in to the field supervisor or Broomfield Community Center not later than 24 hours after the game. If the protest is valid, the fee will be returned; if not valid, the fee will be retained for operation expenses.

    Protest on Player Eligibility must be made before the player(s) completes their first at bats. When the half inning is over, the right to protest ends. At time of protest, $25 cash per player fee must be paid to the field supervisor. If player(s) in question is not on the roster, it's an automatic forfeit. Player(s) in question will have 5 minutes to produce a picture I.D. If no proof of picture I.D., the player(s) is ineligible to continue participation in that game. If that reduces the team to less than eight players, it's a forfeit. After game is over, questioned player(s) have 24 hours to show proof to Broomfield League officials. If no proof, the game is a forfeit. If the protest is valid, the $25 protest fee will be returned; if not valid, the fee will be retained for operation expenses.
    Protest on uniforms must be made before the player steps into the batter box for the first time.
    Please note: Teams have a two-week grace period before uniforms are required.
TIE BREAKING PROCEDURES If two teams tie in the overall league record, the tie will be broken by head to head competition. If a three or more way tie exists and no team won all games involved with teams tied, then the winner will be decided by run difference. The next tiebreaker is run differential in all league games. Runs earned vs. runs given up equals the differential. The final tiebreaker is a coin flip. ANY TEAM FORFEITING A GAME WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE DROPPED FROM THE TIE. ANY TEAM FORFEITING TWO OR MORE GAMES WITHOUT NOTIFYING THE RECREATION CENTER COULD BE DROPPED FROM THE LEAGUE WITH NO COMPENSATION (THIS INCLUDES MAKE UP GAMES). PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF OTHER TEAMS.


  1. Teams must start and finish a game with 8 players. They must be 4 male and 4 female players. They can play with 9 players in their batting order and on the field. It can be 4 men and 5 women or 5 men and 4 women. There are no restrictions to which position they play on the field.

  2. All coed teams, no matter what division they are in (DC, DR, D, E) will use the Home Plate Rule. They all must run to the line extension from home plate to the backstop.

  3. Coed Defensive Positions: There is no restriction to which position they play.

  4. All four outfielders must remain behind the 175' line until the ball is hit. Penalty: If an outfielder crosses the arch prior to the ball being hit and also fields the ball inside the arch, a delayed dead ball shall be signaled. The offense shall have the option of taking the result of the play or awarding the batter first base and all base runners will advance. This applies to all batters. All outfielders need to be behind the lines until the ball reaches home plate, regardless whether it is a woman or man up to bat. When playing with less than ten players, infielders may play up to the designated outfield arch and all outfielders must be behind the arch.

  5. The batting order shall alternate the sexes. Every player will be allowed to bat. Teams will turn in two lineups to the scorekeeper, one for women and one for men.

  6. There is a NO male dominance rule. A male or female can handle any play.

  7. Any walk to a male batter (intentional or not), the male batter shall automatically go to second base, the next batter, (a female) will bat. EXCEPTION: With two outs, the female batter has the option to walk or bat. All other runners advance if forced.

  8. Home Plate Rule: All plays at home plate will be played as a force out. The runner coming home MUST NOT step on home plate; an out will be recorded if the runner touches the plate. The runner must cross a line (break the plane) perpendicular to the 3rd base line extending from home plate to the backstop. The defensive player making the play at the plate must have possession of the ball while touching the plate before the runner crosses the line for the runner to be out. Any defensive player who attempts to tag out the runner will result in the runner being ruled safe. A chalked line 25 feet from home plate will be the point of no return. A runner coming home may not return to 3rd base once s/he has crossed that line. Any runner who attempts to return to 3rd base after crossing the line will be out at that point.

  9. Additional Player (AP)
    Coed teams may use unlimited AP's, however, only 10 of the batters (5 female and 5 male) may take a defensive position.

  10. These leagues are strictly recreational. HAVE FUN!
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